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What cars will give you higher auto insurance quotes?
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What cars will give you higher auto insurance quotes?

It shouldn't come as a surprise for you that the car you drive is the most important variable when it comes to auto insurance quotes and rates. If it does, then you definitely have to consider learning more about auto insurance in general. Such factors as top speed, engine volume, car make, model, safety features, repair costs, age and theft rates will determine how much you will have to pay for having your car insured. Taking these factors into account, here are the types of cars that will certainly raise your auto insurance costs:

Sports and performance vehicles

Cars with high top speed, engine power, fast acceleration and aggressive looks definitely look appealing to lots of drivers. However, these cars are usually the most expensive to insure, because they have the highest statistical claim rates and the accidents they are involved in are typically more serious than with ordinary cars (due to high speed and aggressive driving style they provoke). Moreover, such vehicles usually have high theft rates as well because of their appeal.

Luxury and retro vehicles

Even if your car is not very powerful or fast, you can still get high auto insurance quotes if it's a luxury or a retro vehicle. Such vehicles usually have very high repair costs due to exclusive and rare parts, and materials used in their production. So if you want to drive a really classy auto you have to get your wallet ready for this too, since your auto insurance will be very costly.

Cars with poor safety

Even with a cheap small car you can end up paying more for auto insurance. If your car has poor safety features and its safety ratings are very low, then your insurance provider may charge you with higher rates than for a car twice the price you've paid for your current vehicle. Make sure that your car has airbags, additional seatbelts and has good safety and injury ratings before buying it. No one will be willing to cover a car that tends to cripple its passengers even in a light accident.
So now you know what to consider when looking for a new car that should be cheap to insure. Take all the factors mentioned above when looking for the right vehicle, and choose the one that will suit you best. Even if it costs more than you are willing to pay, sometimes it's better to pay more upfront than pay more for auto insurance for the rest of this vehicle's use.

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