CA Insurance For You and Me

CA insurance for you and me, while owning and operating a vehicle in the Golden State of California is, first of all, mandatory. And make no mistake about it, the California Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies in California are serious about enforcing that law, mainly due to the sheer number of cars and drivers out on the roads in that state at any one time.

Where then, can CA insurance quotes be obtained these days? Well, the answer is as easy as looking at the computer screen right in front of you. For a fact, the Internet revolution has made it exceedingly easy obtain quotes, purchase policies and then take such policy coverage documentation as is needed to the local Department of Motor Vehicles in the state and get license plates.

No person — under any circumstance — should attempt to drive a vehicle without ensuring that at least mandatory minimum levels of coverage are in effect. This is more for the protection of each person than it is because the state might feel good about passing some law or another just to inconvenience people. This can’t be farther from the truth, as any accident scene will reveal.

What are the mandatory minimum coverage levels in the state of California, then? It might surprise many, considering how the state is so intent on ensuring that proper CA insurance is carried, but mandatory minimum levels are quite reasonable. As far as liability goes, and owner/operator of a vehicle will need to carry, first of all, 15 grand of body injury liability in one accident.

Second of all, an owner/operator is required to carry at least 30 grand of body injury coverage for all injuries in any one accident and is also required keep and maintain at least five grand of property damage liability coverage for an accident. These are quite reasonable levels, and is one way the state has ensured that insurance coverage can stay affordable.

Additionally, CA insurance exists for those drivers who have been put into what the state calls an “assigned risk pool.” Coverage levels within that pool, at minimum, only have to be 10/20/3. The state sets this level for so-called low-cost policies in order to maintain at least a minimum of coverage that high-risk drivers (those with spotty records) must carry.

The Golden State of California is very large, both in terms of population and land area. And with that size comes a great many roads and highways upon which a great many drivers of all abilities are operating a vehicle at any one time. That’s why CA insurance coverage for you and me is not only a smart idea but is also, by law, mandatory. So always follow the law.